Vertical Sliding Systems

These units are designed to maximize your workspace by adding multiple levels of working area vertically... custom built to your specifications. Sliding panels glide with ease due to its precise counter-weight & bearing/track systems. Standard Vertical System consist of 4 1/2" thick aluminum frame, fixed rear panel with 2 sliding panels. Slim housing available with 2.75" face. Sliding panels constructed of honeycomb and precisely weight balanced.

Heavy gauge aluminum extrusions
Precision counterbalanced slider panels
Whisper quiet operation
Anti-racking roller guides
For architectural drawings and specifications

Picture Frame style, floor mounted or no header
Surfaced mounted or Recessed
manually operated or motorized
Box or Blade Tray
Satin anodized aluminum or painted
1-3 Sliding panels
Backpanel with horizontal H-Bar
Kick Panel (floor mount system to hide
       sliding panels when not in use)
ProSteel Marker
ProSteel Chalk
ProTak or ProCork

Vertical Slider Picture Frame Recessed with maker panels

Vertical Slider Floor Mounted with chalk panels, laminate kick panel & blade tray.

Vertical Slider Slim Housing with No Header & two sliding marker boards

ertical slider with chalk panels, floor mounted with vinyl kick panel & wood frame covering by others

Counter-weight & pulley system for smooth operation.